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Why Should Men Refuse to Marry

May 12, 2009

Marriage was treated as a sacred institution in India. The strength of Indian marriages was praised all over world. Many of the Indian expatriates, who are settled in foreign land for generations prefers to get married in India. However, due to recent shortsighted changes in marital laws in India has made marrying into India a dangerous affairs and it is adequate reason for Indian males to decide not to marry.
Marriage was always treated a social institution in the past. Now, the state with all its might is interfering in the institution of marriage. Unfortunately the state interference aims at women vote bank and not preserving the institution. Such vote bank legislations in India has made a marriage dangerous institution in India, to be shunned.
There are three reasons; firstly gender biased laws in India. Indian law is highly gender biased in favour of women and gives all civil rights to women in marriage. Secondly, it gives unfettered right to women in terms of maintenance and property and thirdly it gives power to abuse laws to women to force the man into submission of her extortionary and greedy attitude. In this whole spectrum of law, there is no right in the hand of men and in such situations he becomes a laughing matter in the society.
These are some of the reasons why should men refuse to marry:
1. Becuase man is being punished for marrying by Section 498A.
2. Because married man is treated like a criminal based on false allegation by unscrupluous women.
3. Beacuse law give no right to men in marriage.
4. Because men are treated as beast of burden in marriage- to maintain wife, even adultrous wife, deserting wife- without any obligation on part of wife.
5. Because the children will be in custody of wife but men will maintain them (beast of burden)
6. Because law is there to sent you to jail if you say anything to your wife. Your parents will be present their with you.
7. Because you will be ruined financially if you file for divorce to get out of bad relationship.
8. Because you will be ruined financially if your wife files for divorce to marry her lover. 9. Because chances that you will be sent to jail for marrying is increasing day by day, with newer acts coming day after day.
10.Because you can loose your livelihood, home and reputation just by a call from your wife.
Marriage has become a slavery for Men- a slavery of wife- A legal slavery. Marriage is a dangerous institution for men. It is not generalisations- it is a reality. A sad reality which one understand only when he or his relative faces the music of marriage.
Laws are there to examine suicide by woman- Section 304B of IPC, Section 113A of Indian Evidence Act. Further, the laws will punish you, without any fault from your part, because of presumption cause. However, if men suicide due to torture of women, there is no redressal. Rate of suicide in men is more than twice in men than women. Many of the married man commit suicide due to harassment by their wives- through comments like 1.You dont earn much.
2.You cant keep your parents with you.
3.I will meet my friend (euphemistic name of lover).
4.Force your parents to transfer this matrimonial home in my name.
5.Man’s mother should work like a servant in the house. etc.etc.
And there is no law to check such abatement of suicide by men. If the husband speaks, he is sent to jail on the false charge of dowry. He looses is livelihood, reputation. His vioce is not heard or heeded in court. Police get a case to extort money. Sadist woman constable get a victim to torture. If man has not suicided early on wife abatement, he will suicide now, after his tryst with law.
Men are weak. Men cannot fight for their honour. Men cannot force the judiciary to change its prejudice and also hear the grievance of men. Men cannot force legislature to think beyond votes and make just laws. Men cannot force police to be impartial investigator.
At least men can refuse to marry.