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Gender Neutral Laws in four years

January 25, 2010

I am born to be a opposition member in a democratic society. Probably I expect too much from public authorities, or value too much the democratic ethos. But occassionally I support the government.

The recent statement of the Law Minister (I really respect Mr. Law Minister) that laws will be made gender neutral in next four years.–Moily

This is need of the hour. Various laws has become so lop sided in favour of feminism that India has become a dangerous society for men to live- be it workplace, home or street. Such laws are supported by miniscule vocal feminist minority whereas a large majority consisting of both men and women are suffering silently (this is one of the drawback of democracy- a vocal miniscule minority is heard more against silent majority). However, lately the masculist movement has started gaining strength due to severe misuse of dowry laws, rape laws, maintainance & custody laws, abuse of sexual harassment laws at workplace etc. The majority is no more silent, and hence the government has started listening.

But there is a danger. Miniscule feminist minority will raise hue and cry aginst any such change as their financing/receipt of contribution/government grant depends upon existence and perpetuation of such laws. The majority has to understand this and raise their voice as and when needed. Save Indian Family is doing their work deligently and I hope they shall be able to garner sufficient voices to support this endeavour of government.

Well done Mr. Minister.