Oppose Women Reservation

For many decades, the political establishment of our country is ignoring men’s issues and under pressure from feminazis women, enacting laws which are blatantly Anti-men, designed to emasculate men, deprive men of their self-esteem, rights and property. The proposed women reservation bill is the latest measure, which should be opposed tooth and nail by men.
On face of it, such proposal is unreasonable. In Indian democracy women has always been adequately represented. We had women prime minister and still have women president. Indian legislature has approximately 10% women representative, which is highest in the world. This percentage is not there even in American or British parliament. This sinister design of women reservation was never applied in any of the developed nations. Then why this is being applied in India? What is the basis or rationale of this reservation in India? There is no answer.
The logic that only 10% women representative is there in parliament and so reservation is required is faulty. Not many women participate in politics. In any political party, at grassroots, hardly a few percentage points of the workers are women. When there are fewer grassroots women workers, obviously there will be few women members in legislature. What should have been demanded and granted is more places at grassroots level, which no women organization is demanding. This is typical women demand- let there be men grassroot worker in political parties, seats should be reserved for women in legislature. Men are beast of burden to do grassroot work, women will be members in parliament. Men are slaves. Men must understand this and oppose such design.
Whenever special provision has been made for women in law, it has been abused by women. Section 498A, Rape laws, maintenance laws etc. are burning example. Further, feminist politicians has supported such abuse of laws by women. When such feminist politicians will be in parliament, they will make more such gender biased laws and oppression of men will increase. We have to understand these sinister designs and oppose such reservation at the very outset. Otherwise, it will be too late.
Oppose these sinister reservations.


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14 Responses to “Oppose Women Reservation”

  1. Harish Says:

    My reaction to your blog is that your views are pathetic and third class and outdated in nature, you are one of the many north Indians who have a hostile attitude towards women in general.

    Having interacted with many women public servants in government I found them more hard working, less corrupt and sincere in there work as compared to our so called men who have always abused the job and have dislike for hard working.

    By your name I can figure out that you are one of the supporters of caste based reservation , it is surprising to see you opposing the quota system. Well you didn’t oppose caste based quota, so now for your own deeds. In fact I want them to give 50% reservation to women so that you also feel the pain of discrimination like we have over the years.

    • Rohan Says:

      Harish, You are one of those millions of metrosexual guys who are brainwashed by the feminists through the media and the horrendous education system that we have today. You are telling me that women are morally superior to men. in effect, you mean to say that the estrogen hormone is morally superior to the testosterone. It implies that women should take over the system as men are no match to women. It means that there cannot be gender equality. So, lets begin with you! You should lose your job and property because you are a man! Your job should be given to some lady because the estrogen hormone is running in her body. Are you ready for that? Finally, It is really pathetic to see brainless men like you supporting the feminazi movement which is full of hypocrisy and double-standards. While you support their so-called rights, you claim the superiority of the female sex over the male. Then, you talk about gender equality. Whats wrong with you?

  2. Rajesh Kumar Says:

    Harish, your comment doesnt deserve a reply. I have approved your comment, and it will be on my blog just because of my deep commitment towards freedom of speech.
    Well, I dont support caste based reservation. We dont know what public servant you know- people know Jaylalita, Mayawati, Mamta Banerjee and by no strech of imagination they are any better than their male counterpart.
    Despite all that you said- there is no difference in our point of view. You only want me to feel discrimination- in fact I am feeling discrimination and for that reason only I am opposing this reservation.

  3. Harish Says:

    FYI My argument is on women reservation and not on the kind of women getting in to the parliament as far as the selection of these candidates in to parliament is concerned then blame the fools who voted for them not the women reservation bill…. In your Opinion are ‘Lalu Prasad Yadhav’, ‘Mulyam Singh Yadhav’, ‘Natwar Singh’, ‘ any better ????

    the only reason why you and your friends are opposing is because you are insecured…..

    And about caste based reservation u may not support it but u r a product of it…

    sorry our point of views don’t meet, since i geniuely want reservation for women even if caste based reservation is removed….the needs of women is better understood by a women and not men…. some men show respect to women not all…..u r blog show ur insecurity….if u hav mother , wife n daughter ask them to read it, they might gv u the right opinion….

    • Rohan Says:


      Your argument shows how brainwashed you are and that you have no independent thought of yours. You are basing your ideas on assumptions and pre-conceived notions such as: 1. Women understand women better. 2. Women are better than men. 3. Men are privileged and women are victims. 4. Women alone are discriminated. 5. Men’s rights constitutes insecurity. 6. Rajesh Kumar is a product of caste reservation. 7. Some men show respect to women (Which implies that women alone should be respected and with an assumption that men are respected).

      These are all the biases in your mind. Unless you liberate yourself from these biases that were filled since your childhood, nothing can happen.

      But since you support women’s reservation, lets start with your job. Lets have 50% reservation for women in your office and kick out men at random. Lets do that with all jobs of all types.

      You guys need to understand that the very culture and value system world over mandates men to work. Men have no choice but to protect and provide families. Women need not work. This is true with all nations. So, if you say that 50% reservation should be for women, provide the alternatives for men. Change the laws so that women protect and provide men. Lets begin with you and your job.

  4. Rajesh Kumar Says:

    We are opposing these reservation, not because we are insecure but we believe in genuine equality. We oppose all form of reservation, be it caste based gender based or based on son on the soil principle (domicile).
    The status which women is achieving in the present circumstances will be all lost if reservation is introduced. It is a crutch. It take the dignity out of one’s achivement. Our president can command genuine request, which she can never command if she is elected through reservation.
    We can see that women are doing exceedingly well in all field. In this year, we had a women civil services topper. In all examinations, women are doing better than men. If reservation is given, all these achivement will be lost.
    Women reservation is supported by those men who think women are weak and they need reservation.
    As far as my blog is concerned, it is read by everybody and it also get support from various women friends too.
    The other thing- we dont oppose reservation because we are going to loose. Personally I have nothing to do with reservation. I am an independent professional, who is never affected by any reservation. I do it for nation. My duty is to express whatever my view is for the benefit of nation, whether people accept it or not is their outlook and I am least bothered about it. If nation will accept this reservation, it will pay price for it.

  5. Harish Says:

    I welcome at least one of your comments i.e. of opposing all forms of
    Reservation and I am convinced that you may not be a product of it.

    “The status which women is achieving in the present circumstances will be all lost if reservation is introduced.” — Status of women will or would not be lost just because they have opportunity to represent them self in greater number, and if you are talking about parliament then hardly any dignified member gets in there.

    “We can see that women are doing exceedingly well in all field” – If you accept
    That few women are doing exceedingly well then just imagine what few more of
    Them will do (point to be noted).

    “If reservation is given, all these achievement will be lost.” – Why do you feel
    That if we give reservations, then the women who according to you are doing
    Exceedingly well will not do the same kind of work?

    “Women reservation is supported by those men who think women are weak and they need reservation.” — This is just a prejudice, I don’t support them because they are weak but because they equally good at doing things and have a different mindset. I have seen the attitude of those who don’t support it, they believe in male domination over women, and imagine women has an object of pleasure. These are the men who believe in dowry system and injustice to women, these are the men who reason the rape incident to women wearing skinny clothes.

    “As far as my blog is concerned, it is read by everybody and it also get support from various women friends too.” – Can you ask some of them to put some comments and please don’t impersonate as women user!

    “My duty is to express whatever my view is for the benefit of nation, whether people accept it or not is their outlook and I am least bothered about it” – If you believe in your views then justify it, I don’t see any justification from you. This sentence proves that you have accepted defeat and can’t continue the argument.

    “If nation will accept this reservation, it will pay price for it.” – If you don’t bring in this reservation then men who believe in terminating female fetus will gain prominence and we may have gender ration of 1:5, and unless you believe in homosexuality your lust won’t be satisfied.

    Let me tell you about me I am educated professional who never benefited from the government at any stage of my life, I am currently working in team were I am constantly bullied by a senior female resource (BTW I learnt how to equally nag her) but I still appreciate the kind work she does, and in the past and present I have seen many women working in my company, who do more gupshup than work, some are very irritating species, and some have less grey matter in them etc.
    Even then I feel they should be given reservation and fair share of representation because of there nature, beauty, compassionate feeling and above all the sacrifice that they have given over to years to this male driven society.

    • Rohan Says:


      You are obviously a male-feminist who has been brainwashed by the feminist media. Your response to Rajesh is evidence to show that. You are again assuming things. You are man who hates men simply because feminists told you. You never questioned them. You claim that women are equally good at things. But then, you still want reservations for them. This is an absolute contradiction. You claim that this is a male-driven society. But then you haven’t questioned this theory. Strangely, this same male-driven society has 94% of all deaths of people in wars, terror operations and in the course of work of men and not women. All dangerous and dirty jobs are done by men, not women. The fact is that you didn’t complain when Mumbai terror operations went on and all 20 soldiers who died were men. (It was patriarchal). You haven’t questioned the feminist movement. You haven’t questioned their theories about equality which in effect means female domination. Men continue to protect and provide women while women are liberated. I haven’t tackled all your points above simply because it is a waste of time. I can still do it. But lets begin with YOU. You want reservation for women. Lets have your pink slip readied first.

  6. Rajesh Kumar Says:

    Reservation for its very nature is bad on whatever ground- caste, gender, domicile- anything. Hence i oppose this. I oppose women reservation on additional ground of gender biasedness.
    Well the points raised by you is merely digressing from the point of reservation. You have not given any reason for giving reservation. If women are good, they dont need reservation. If they are bad, they should not be given reservation. In any case, we can live with our views.
    I read story of workplace with interest. I prefer not to work with a women collegue. In fact, I am an advocate and see everyday false allegation of sexual harassment by women at workplace. May be sometime, someone close to you experience such false allegations and your views will change.
    That women ratio part- why do men die for sex? When will they understand that due to this urge they are being exploited since ages by women. I recommend men to refuse marriage.
    Read this thread of mine- you will love to hate

  7. Harish Says:

    If you wear spectacles or lens please use them, I am not digressing from the point of reservation I just responded back to your points.

    If you want me to give a reason for reservation then check the women to men ratio in this country, does the same ratio reflect in any of the government organization, work place or even in the parliament. And reason for this is that we have a male dominated society, who has always thought of women as house keepers instead of promoting them for equal opportunities.

    They need reservation since they are under represented in Indian society at all levels, considering only 33 % will be reserved you shouldn’t have concerns of them misusing it against men since remaining 77 % will either be men or eunuch.

    I assume that false sexual harassment case may be at most on higher side at 50 %, but not all of them are, this leads us to say that female have always been subjected to such abuses (this is one of the reason for reservation so that men who involve in such activities stop them e.g. ‘M.S.Gill’).

    I do agree some of the women would misuse the law for the personal benefit but isn’t it your duty as a lawyer to protect those, there are always two sides of coin. For the fear of false allegation you can’t ignore genuine allegation.

    From your views it seems that you are middle\upper aged man, who has been harassed by a women badly either thro a marriage or some other case. Are you married or bachelor? It would be good if you argue with that reason, according to you women have exploited men via seduction and according to me men have exploited women by abusing her.

    We all know that ‘Marriage is an institution, those out of it are desperate to get in and those in to it are desperate to get out of it’.

    • Rohan Says:


      Your argument above clearly shows your lack of application of mind and your grey cells have deceived you. You are also confusing issues. The sex ratio (Even if we assume it to be true) has nothing to do with women working in jobs. There are obviously more men in jobs simply because of the culture and values in society. That cannot be termed “Male-domination”. In-fact, it is female domination because women have a choice,. men have none. A woman can get married without having to seek a job. A man cannot get married unless he is in a good job. So this being the culture, on what basis do you recommend reservations for women? Do you want the men to be unemployed and have no option? You basically want women to be liberated from their traditional roles and keep the men as they are. This is unfair. The same society does not allow men to sit at home. The same society does not grant alimony and maintenance to men by women. So, your views are obviously biased and feminist. You wouldn’t be saying all this if your own job is at stake. Lastly, gender equality is not about women working like men. This concept of equality has been promoted by the feminists and corporates to make more money for themselves because as women work, they also spend more. As women work with men, there are bound to be office-romances and office-spouses would be a common phenomenon. This would lead to family clashes which would in-turn lead to more divorces. Divorces would mean more revenue to lawyers, judges, cops, psychistrists, counsellors, pharmaceutical companies and marriage industry. This is the bottomline.

  8. Rajesh Kumar Says:

    Harish, I sincerely dont want to argue with you. Not because you have a logic, but you are a man (it appears with you name). When a man is supporting women reservation, it must out of some deep feeling which I dont want to hurt. I just wish these points would have been raised by a women and i would have replied. Nevertheless, I will reply you.
    Discrimination against women since ages:
    This is beginning of all debate- discrimination. In fact they have never been discriminated. In earlier society, hunting animals, farming land, travelling to distant places, war etc. were dangerous activities. Men took responsibilities of these activities and relatively easier and safer work like household maintenance and child rearing was assigned to women. It was not discrimination but privilege. And women willingly accepted this privilege- there is no evidence in history of a war between men and women through which it can be concluded that such activities were imposed on women. The whole logic of discrimination between men and women since ages is a sisnister propaganda against men.
    Polygamy: As men were doing dangerous activities, the rate of date was very high in men. To give protection of women, when there are fewer men, this institution was prevalent.
    Education: It is further argued that women were denied education in a systematic manner. This is false. In earlier days, education was not beneficial for economic activities (there were no salaried job you can get after getting education). In the beginning of noneteenth century the literarcy ration in india was hardly 5%, which was approximately 12% at the time of independence owing to huge effort of british government to spread education. I think hardly 1% of the population in India would be matriculate at the time of independence.
    People dont take education for the sake of education- they take it if it is beneficial for economic activities, and dont take it if it is not beneficial. When the era of salaried job started, men started reading and when women started taking job, they also started taking education.
    Job: Women do not do dangerous job. That is for men to do. When sailing was dangerous, men sailed; when it become easy, women want to do it. When war was dangerous, men fought; when war becomes easy through automation, women want to join army. I have no objection that they want to join it. I have no objection if they join it and do well. But i object the charge against men they they discriminated against women and they didnt allow them to join army for last so many centuries.
    Even today many jobs are dangerous- posting in siachen, underground mining, fire fighting and there is no demand from women group of reservation in those job. When these jobs become easier, they will allege discrimination against men.
    Thus there is no historical basis to give reservation.
    Present under-representation:
    The other logic of reservation is women’s under representation in various jobs, parliament, judiciary etc. A large percentage of women do not want to join labour force. They are very happy maintaining the household. Obviously when fewer women join labour force, there representation will be less. Representation cannot be imposed on those women.
    See for example- politics. How many women participate or want to participate in politics? I think hardly a couple of percentage. Based on such participation, there representaion in parliament and state legislature is tremendous. Our society always promote them, probably that is good also. Already there is 33% reservation in local bodies. A women can join politics at that level, and after doing good work there can get herself elected in legislature and parliament.
    Mere underrepresention cannot be a ground of reservation. We have to see reasons of such under representaion, and if there is any blockage, such blockage should be removed. I dont see and blockage, because women themselves do not want to participate in politics. Probably the activity is dangerous- you remove danger of politics and more women will participate and come to parliament.
    If underrepresentaion is can be a ground of reservation, why not reserve seats for illiterates as they are not represented in bureaucracy or judiciary. Further the history is full of instances where literates & educated persons exploited illeterates. There must be reservation for illeterates! What a logic?

    • Rohan Says:


      Excellent analysis! But people like Harish would never understand unless they are directly affected by reservation and all other pro-women laws. He and his male-feminist brigade members do not apply their mind and question the feminist theories and thinking rationally and logically. They blindly support them until they start getting affected by it.

  9. Men's Rights Says:

    Do you want Women’s Reservation everywhere? That is,

    1) Women’s Reservation for 50% of Judges positions in High Courts and Supreme Court.

    2) Women’s Reservation for 50% of positions in IAS, IPS, IFS?

    3) Women’s Reservation for 30% of Govt and Private Sector Company Jobs and Promotions every year without considering performance.

    4) Women’s Reservation for 50% of Senior Management positions in private sector?

    5) Women’s Reservation for 50% of seats in IITs, IIMs, Engineering and Medical Colleges?

    6) Lay Offs only for men in Private sector and No Lay offs for women.

    7) Law for sacking of Men from their jobs, if a woman accuses him of harassment at workplace and considering the accused man guilty till proven innocent.

    8) Women’s Reservation for 50% of positions in Panchayats.

    If you do not want special privileges for Women in all the above, the time to act is now. If women get reservation in parliament, then they will change laws to implement all of the above and you will just watch helplessly.

    Jago India. Jago!!

    Act Now. Send this message to as many people as possible.

    Say No to Special Privileges to Women. Say No to Women’s Reservation.

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