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Interrogating Feminism

June 28, 2009

Human society is evolving since million of years. In this process of evolution, at some time one organ of the society becomes important and at some other time some different organ of the society becomes important. Such shifting of importance can be based on geography as on macro level some countries were important in the ancient ages, some different countries in middle ages and still some other countries in modern ages. If we see on a class of professional level, we see the same dynamic process. When we see on a caste or race level, such shifting dynamics is obvious. Even on the natural species level, both in plant and animal kingdoms, we see changing level of importance of different species in different time frame.
When we look at the position of women in general in human societies, it is constantly changing. At some stage the human society was having matriarchy (it is till there in some tribal society), which was later evolved into a society based on patriarchy. With the development of modern society, after advent of industry and service sectors and with democracy, the position of women is improving in all sphere of life.
Feminism, on the other hand prophesies philosophy which has no scientific or academic basis. It is based on certain assumption, and makes such sweeping remarks that it is getting obvious that it has no relation to reality. However, due to certain cultural factors, presumptions of feminism have never been questioned openly. Such non questioning by the civilized society has given a undue credit to the discipline, which is creating havoc in the society. Thus it becomes important to question certain basic tenets of the discipline, so that the practioners of the discipline can question those tenets, which are taken as self proved and make amendments wherever required.
-Society view is Men’s View:
The fundamental presumption of feminism is that whatever society does and says is “Male view”. The basis of this assumption is that the society acts through its rulers, and for most of the recorded history, they are Males.
Rulers are neither males nor females- they are rulers. The society has to run itself. To run the society, rulers make certain rules for everybody- males and females and in that context the view of the society cannot be taken as Male view. Whatever decision Indira Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi takes, cannot be treated as Women’s view, merely because they are women. When a Male judge of Supreme Court says that husband should obey wife, it can not be said to be a Male view. This branding of “society view” is male view is not supported by any evidence and as such has no relevance. By dubbing such historical facts as male facts, the feminist have distorted the historical developments and thereby reducing the usefulness of their studies.
-Women are treated as Objects:
The society treats everybody- every individual as object. It makes norms for everybody- men, women, worker, journalist, judge, prisoner etc. Merely because there are some norms made for women, it does not mean they have become object. If such definition is accepted, everybody in the society is an object because there are certain norms for everybody.
The norms may be right of wrong. The norms may give privilege to some or may impose limitation on some. But they are norms. We may analyse what norms are right or wrong, we may criticize unreasonable norms- but mere existence of some norm does not make anybody object. If norms make anybody object, the every individual or every human being is an object.
Reading these two assumptions together, the feminist concludes that Society (read male) treats women as objects.
Apart from these two fundamental assumptions, there are minor assumptions like control of sexuality of women, women guilt, female experience etc. etc. It is important to examine such assumptions of feminism and develop theories which stood the test or rationality and objectivity.



June 26, 2009

I cant remember my name. Name, which my mother gave me, as a gift of her love. A name, which my father gifted me so that the world can recognize me with that name. Now everybody call me Angulimaal. But I know, my near and dear one didn’t call me with this name ever.
I am a bandit, a decoit. I rob and kill people. After killing them, I cut a finger of the corpse and have made a rosary of those fingers. In local dialect, this is called “anguli ki mala”. I wear this mala, and due to this rosary they call me Angulimaal. This is the name my ears are listening for last many years, so much so that I have forgotten my real name. I don’t even wish to remember that real name. How will I feel if I ever remember that my mother calls me “Bhola” or “Kishan”? How will I bear the pain that my mother’s Bhola has become Angulimaal? How will my father live after knowing that his Kishan is known as Angulimal? No. I don’t want to remember. I don’t want to remember my real name.
I don’t like robbing people. I don’t like killing people. They are just like me. They are travelers. Some of them are going to meet their loving relatives on that side of the jungle. They are innocent people. Yesterday I killed a person who was going on pilgrimage. He was accompanied by his 8 years old son. When I was killing the child, there was such a pity in the child’s eyes. I cant forget those eyes. I don’t want to kill anyone. But I have to.
I have to support a family. There is my wife and three children. I have no money to support them. I need money. My youngest child is ill. I have to arrange nutritious food for him. Sometime I take him to the doctor and need to pay him for medicines. Last month I worshipped for his life in the temple and I have promised to the goddess that I will give a feast if my son regains health. I have to keep the promise. My eldest daughter is already fourteen. I have to arrange money for marriage expenses. I want her to marry in a rich household, so that she can lead a happy life. I need money. It is my duty to support my family. If I will not get money, how will they live? Who will marry my daughter? How will my son be well and happy? My family will starve.
I am robust and healthy. I can live anywhere. I can survive in a jungle. I can do any small work and live. But children? Wife? I have to take care of them. I have to fulfill their requirements. Even if I have to rob people or kill people, I will do it. I will not allow any deficiency in their lives. I am a father, I am a husband.
I know killing people is a sin. The worst sin. I know I have to burn in hell’s fire for long to propitiate. I am ready to roast myself in that fire. I will propitiate all my sins. I count my sins. I count daily how much sin I have committed. That is why I have made this rosary. By counting the fingers in the rosary, I am able to know how much sin I have committed. I don’t like this finger’s rosary. It is there only to remind me of my sins.
“Well”, the saint said, “you are committing these sins for your family. Will they share these sins with you.”
“Off course, yes. On the altar of marital fire, my wife gave me sacred promise that she will share everything with me”, I replied.
“Why don’t you go and ask her once”, said the saint.
I ran towards my home. I knew there are persons, who love me. I knew, they are there to do anything for me. What is sharing, my wife will take all the sin on herself. But I will not give her all. I will only share. Even when we have to live in hell, we will be together. We will be roasted together in hell’s fire.
“Why should I share your sins honey”, replied my wife. “I didn’t tell you to rob people and kill people. That is your business. It is your duty to bring money to home. How you do it, it is your business.”
My Business! I was shattered. I ran towards the saint and fell on the feet of the saint. “My family will share only the fruits of my sins. They will not share the sins.” I sobbed, “show me the way, what should I do.”
“You know the way Balmiki. You know the truth.” The saint said.
“Balmiki, Who?”, I asked.
“You”. He was smiling. I also smiled.
I have smiled after a very long time.

Oppose Women Reservation

June 7, 2009

For many decades, the political establishment of our country is ignoring men’s issues and under pressure from feminazis women, enacting laws which are blatantly Anti-men, designed to emasculate men, deprive men of their self-esteem, rights and property. The proposed women reservation bill is the latest measure, which should be opposed tooth and nail by men.
On face of it, such proposal is unreasonable. In Indian democracy women has always been adequately represented. We had women prime minister and still have women president. Indian legislature has approximately 10% women representative, which is highest in the world. This percentage is not there even in American or British parliament. This sinister design of women reservation was never applied in any of the developed nations. Then why this is being applied in India? What is the basis or rationale of this reservation in India? There is no answer.
The logic that only 10% women representative is there in parliament and so reservation is required is faulty. Not many women participate in politics. In any political party, at grassroots, hardly a few percentage points of the workers are women. When there are fewer grassroots women workers, obviously there will be few women members in legislature. What should have been demanded and granted is more places at grassroots level, which no women organization is demanding. This is typical women demand- let there be men grassroot worker in political parties, seats should be reserved for women in legislature. Men are beast of burden to do grassroot work, women will be members in parliament. Men are slaves. Men must understand this and oppose such design.
Whenever special provision has been made for women in law, it has been abused by women. Section 498A, Rape laws, maintenance laws etc. are burning example. Further, feminist politicians has supported such abuse of laws by women. When such feminist politicians will be in parliament, they will make more such gender biased laws and oppression of men will increase. We have to understand these sinister designs and oppose such reservation at the very outset. Otherwise, it will be too late.
Oppose these sinister reservations.